Saturday, February 25, 2012

The two sickies...

Liv and I sometimes go to church with G when he has to work but last Sunday was the first time I went to all three hours of church (well, all two hours since they left us off an hour early due to snow) all alone. No they did not both lose their testimonies. They just lost every ounce of diarrhea and vomit they had in their bodies.  G and Liv spent the day watching Baby Einstein, drinking pedialyte and gatorade and taking a sick day.  I had plenty of pinterest time while they both recovered.
 Liv loved being with G and the white shiny things on her bottom gum is not a camera reflection but actual teeth. Hard earned, endless hours fussalicious grumpiness, chew toys like a puppy real teeth.  I bought her a toothbrush to suck on to celebrate.
She felt much better after not having to be in tights and a dress for three hours and instead hanging out with her twin drinking grape pedialyte all day.  I would smile like that if I didn't have to wear tights and got to be held by G all day too. Maybe she was faking it....  I wouldn't blame her. Smart girl.

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