Sunday, May 5, 2013

Farewell Elder Savio...

Sometimes I get blog bogged. That is a condition in which I feel obligated to put things in chronological order in which they have occurred with catchy captions and pleasing pictures etc. and have so many things to update that I feel I can't blog anything until I blog what happened prior and then feel too overwhelmed to blog anything at all. To avoid that, I am going to free myself from blogging pressure (which is self induced considering the only people that read this is my own mother and sisters) and simply give a few highlights.  One of highlights of the month was my brother Taylor's farewell.  He will be in Dallas Texas in less than two weeks and as cliche as it sounds, I am so proud of him.
 Tay took me to an all you can eat sushi lunch and I was in digestive heaven. There is no food I love more than good sushi so to have an unlimited amount took my sushi love to a new level. It was so fun to sit and talk and feast although the flying fish eggs on one of the rolls was a little too much...

 Taylor is one of the most interesting combinations of qualities and quirks that I have seen. Taylor is a people magnet and a natural leader. Taylor knows the breeding patterns and facts of every reptile created. Taylor bought these overalls at a garage sale and loves good deals. Taylor can eat more than anyone I know. Taylor owned an alligator for a pet.
 Taylor loves to read and if you mention any random fact, talking to Tay is like typing in a key word to google and he always knows something about what you are discussing. Taylor loves to have fun. Taylor loves to be with people. Taylor once had a tooth of a snake embedded in his knuckle.
 Taylor is spontaneous and likes to create memories wherever he goes and whoever he is with. Taylor and I once drove to 5 different gas stations because I was craving a krispy kreme. Taylor is a leader. Taylor is a wrestler. Taylor loves pecan pie.
Dallas Texas has no idea what an impact this 220 lb reptile guru, people loving, ginger Elder has to offer. I am so excited for him and proud that he where he needs and wants to be.
 It is most definitely our family's loss and Dallas' gain. I love my brother Taylor.

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