Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Zoo time.

 Sometimes we do things like go to the zoo. This has the potential to be one of those things that sound really awesome until you have to do it.  It can either be a thrilling educational experience in the wild when all the zoo stars align or it can turn into staring at a boring sleeping lion's bum while you sweat on an anthill of millions of other children who are also looking at the lion's bum.  I try to do one thing a day with Liv outside of the house. One reason is because I don't want her brain to rot and for her to get bored. The second reason is so that I don't end up going mentally insane feeling like I am Edmund Dante and my house is the chateu d'if motherhood jail.  I need to be out of my house every day so that I love to be in it.  Motherhood is a fantastic profession but you have to pace yourself.  So, when my friend invited us we decided this would be a great outing for our daily adventure.
I decided that maybe Heavenly Father created flamingos really late at night because they are a very weird looking creation.  Think about it. A hot pink bird with a stretched out neck and backward knees that doesn't even fly. It's a weird combo no matter how you look at it. I wonder if they feel awkward when they see eagles or sparrows and know that that they are supposedly in that same phylum. On this zoo trip I just concluded to myself that flamingos are awkward. There's no way around it.
I always feel fascinated by gorillas after watching Tarzan.  Kercheck himself lives in Denver but was not in the mood to do any tricks. He was perfectly content to sit on his log raft (I have never seen one of those in the wild so I'm not really sure what the zoo keepers are trying to imitate) in the air and stare. 
We could have just saved our money and gone to the park by our house because Liv's favorite animal by far was the grumpy hissing goose on the lawn.  She followed it for a good 10 minutes all around the zoo.  I don't blame him for being a bit cranky but he should have appreciated the attention. I mean the average goose is competing with cheetahs and African elephants. It's not like anyone goes to the zoo hoping to see a goose.  
Goose chasing and gorilla staring can be exhausting.

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