Sunday, July 7, 2013

Triple Play Date Night...

 When you are younger, dating is one of the most exciting rites of passage right you anticipate right after you get your training bra (training for what?) and move on to grown up things like getting your braces off and driving. When you are a single adult, dating starts to feel like an awkward chore and a lot of free meals paid for with awkward door step scenes, analyzing useless details until 3 am with room mates and DTR discussions that are all completely pointless until you find who you actually want to marry.  After you get married, dating tends to go from exciting scavenger hunts in the park, fancy restaurants and anxious anticipation over if your shirt makes you look skinny and if they are going to kiss you or not to sitting in sweat pants eating a romantic bowl of cereal for dinner and looking over the new releases at red box to see if it's worth getting in the car and wasting the gas to rent.  No mascara, no door step scene, and most of the time we both fall asleep before the movie is over anyway so there's no concern about being out too late.... we are in stage four REM cycle before the holy ghost ever goes to bed anyway. Our other dating hub is Sams Club with the romantic hot dog combo which I'm not complaining about, but when we decided to get together with some fun couples in our ward, I was feeling a little more excited.
I admit I felt some giddiness picking up an official babysitter and I may or may not have changed my outfit more than once. We went to a fancy Italian place in Denver and RJ was re living his Italian mission dream with all the real deal options.  It was obvious that this play was not reheating Little Ceasars or some hyped up pasta roni in the back. They knew what they were doing.
It was so fun to be with these women. They are amazing and I felt like a big girl being out when it was dark.  Even though Grace was not 16 and did not have her own date, she did not feel awkward because she slept.  I've been on dates in college when I would have rather been sleeping so I understood. In fact, I was encouraging it the entire time.
After a delicious dinner we went to Krispy Kremes. I feel like people should not speak when they are eating a krispy kreme because they are so good it deserves to be eaten reverently.  I love, love, love (triple love typed for emphasis) doughnuts. Someday I want to have one of these machines in my house and have non stop hot krispy kreme doughnuts. I also want to have a drive through window so people can come get them whenever they need (yes, I believe having hot krispy kremes is a need, not a want).
There was no door step scene afterwards because we have the same doorstep but the date from beginning to end was such an enjoyable break.  It was a definite upgrade from cereal and a redbox and we will be doing it again.

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