Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The non tea tea party...

Liv loves tea parties. Actually it would be more accurately called a juice party.  I'm amazed how we can eat the exact same marshmallows, cheez-its, chocolate chips and sip the same apple juice every day and it never gets old.  I decided we should make it a little more exciting and have a legitimate non tea tea party and invite the other girls her age to partake in the festivities.
Liv did not like wearing her frilly princess dress so she decided to attend to party in a classy diaper. We never got to do the formal tea party at the table because it turned into a chaotic orphanage/garage sale like atmosphere very quickly but it was funny how the girls improvised and sipped cup after cup.
We had animal circus cookie, grilled cheese cut into triangles (because it tastes better that way, duh), string cheese, ring pops, cheez-its, grapes, cupcakes, and peach punch.
We attempted to do some pedicures. Too bad their legs were too short to reach the foot bath while sitting....
I think the best part of tea parties is getting to pour the apple juice with the tea pot.  It's all downhill after that. When each of them got their own tea pot, they were much happier.
This happy.
You can only pour apple juice for so long before the novelty wears off so the non tea tea party turned into a water pool party in the back yard.
Liv loves her friends.
 While the mess continued to explode everywhere, it was fun just to talk.
I think we should have non tea tea parties more often.

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