Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sushi Forever.

I love sushi. The thought of sushi grosses me out. It's like a raw fish burrito with sticky glue rice instead of a tortilla and weird seeds on top.  The taste however makes my tastebuds dance. I have found that every person is in one of four clubs in regards to sushi.
1. The ignorance club. These poor digestive tracts have never yet participated in the glory. This is not a problem as you can be released from the club as soon as you try sushi. Easy peasy. No one should remain in this club for long. In fact if you are over the age of accountability, you owe it to yourself and Japan to get out of this club as soon as possible.
2. The sushi haters. These are the people who when you mention sushi wrinkle their nose like they just smelled one of Liv's diapers and act as though even the mere mention is repulsive.
3. The liberal sushi lovers. These people are hard core and love slabs of raw fish that is still wriggling draped on their sushi with fish eggs and all kinds of weird things that I feel like only people who live in the orient should love.
4. The conservative sushi appreciaters. These people don't gulp down flying fish eggs for breakfast but love every grain of rice on a classic california roll and has ingredients you have heard of.  

I am the president of club number 4. I love sushi and Gar knows it so for Christmas he bought me a certificate for sushi lessons in downtown Denver.  We had a dang good time, let's just say our instructor could have been Mr. Miyagi's grandson. He was the real deal. I was loving it.
So if you would like to come to sushi class, Gar and I are now trained for all your sushi needs....
 Sushi appreciators need to support each other in loving this fantastic food, so when Kim Cherry said she loved sushi as well, I knew we had to partake together.  Of course we brought all our sidekicks....
Liv did not enjoy her miso soup. Personally I just like eating out of the ladle spoon. It distracts me from the fact that all the soup has is some floating green leaves and little dice sized flavorless sponges known as tofu.
We quickly realized that sushi is not a kids food and Ash and Liv were much happier once we gave up and just let them stick their fingers and eat soy sauce like a meal.
I don't know how pioneers every made it across the plains without DVD players in their wagons.  This was the quietest they were the whole outing.
Sushi is always good, so if you want some from the Seibold kitchen, or from East Moon Asian Bistro, I would be thrilled with either option....

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