Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cherry Dinner...

I love to have people over. It's not because my house is spotless and my catering skills are supreme. I just feel like the air in my house is happy when there are people inside that are laughing.  It's hard to find couples or families to hang out with because not only do you have to get along with the wife, but you gotta make sure that the wife of the family doesn't annoy your husband, and that you get along as couples, and then if you have kids you have to make sure that they get along with each other. It's really quite a process. It's like trying to line up a 6 person date and hoping everyone has a good time.  The Cherry family is a the family that every time we get together it is always a guaranteed good time.  They have had us over a few times for dinners and after a year of being here, we have never invited them to our place. That may or may not have something to do with the fact that Kim's husband is a professional chef for a career.  Can you imagine inviting someone over for the equivalent of cold cereal when they eat 5 star meals every night? I put my cooking insecurities in the disposal and we had fajitas and enjoyed the entire night.
Even though we are in full blown little baby nursing bra diaper stage of life and the Cherry's have mature grown up boys that are ready to walk into the MTC right, they are very patient fun teenagers so they put up with coming over with a smile.
Ashton got a little bored so he headed out to the pool. Since we didn't have a swim suit to accommodate his sold citizen body, I let him borrow my favorite t shirt...
There are some people you just want to be in your cul de sac for the rest of your life. The Cherry fam is one of them.

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