Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 in a row...

Two weeks ago I had 3 days where I cried every day. Three in a row, like some sort of emotional tic tac toe. Nobody died. Nothing bad was happening. I still don't really know why. It just happened that every day at a random time I would cry. The first one was around lunch. I had just eaten a bowl of cinnamon life (for the record, cinnamon life is an appropriate thing to eat any time of day) and was sitting in the brown chair while Liv was sleeping and I just started feeling like I might as well enroll in NASA because I felt so far away. So I sat there on the brown chair while I finished my cinnamon life and had a good cry. The next day we were watching "Water for Elephants" and we just turned it off in the middle because I was crying. I don't even care about elephants, or their water. I just didn't like the movie. Strike Two. The third day was right before I went to sleep. I was just laying there thinking and then I started leaking out my eyeballs for no reason. Random. No pattern. No reason. Extremely embarrassing.  I'm not pregnant. I'm not usually a big crier. It just happened. In honor of my crying tic tac toe, I am putting pics of two females I love below:

 Sometimes I think I cry when my mind hasn't caught up to what my body is feeling.  Like sometimes it's hard to be a mom when the only social contact you have is the cashier at Walmart and you sometimes feel like saying this, even though nobody knows or cares:

As always, it's a good indication I just need to try harder, change things, pray with more sincerity, take a couple minutes to be still, and do something else.  In the gospel principles class last Sunday the teacher said, "You can get lost in yourself, or lose yourself in loving others."  I liked it. I needed to hear it.

I think that statement is true because this week has been the best.  Heavenly Father was smart when he made the days 24 hours so we could have a fresh beginning.  Whenever I am losing to G in Wii, I sometimes just hit the reset button and I always feel much better (even though it makes G ticked as a hornet and is not good wii etiquette).  I think it's the same with some days.  It always feels good to start again.  I love that I can change, even when I had three days in a row of cry time. Sometimes you just need a good cry. Just ask Liv.  My life is so dang good.

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  1. You are so dang cute Chels! And I am with, somedays you just need a good cry! Your baby girl is adorable!