Friday, March 15, 2013

It's a small world...seriously.

So in my former life before I hung out with mini G (aka Liv) and the car seat hater (aka Grace) and spent every morning at 9:00 enjoying Elmo's world, I had another job teaching seminary that I loved. Honestly it was one of the highlights of my whole life.  Although I can't name every single student I taught, I know how I felt about them and the way that I still feel and care about them.  Being a teenager can be way hard. It's like being a caterpillar that is partially pupated with half its body still in an awkward adulthood cocoon waiting for maturity to kick in. You're not a child anymore but your way too obsessed with yourself and too immature to be an adult.  You have raging hormones, have to wear braces and try to date and decide who you want to be, all the while being stuck in a cage called high school with hundreds of other hormone raging, deodorant wearing, partially pupated creatures all going through the same process.  Its a marvelous work and a wonder that anyone survives that awkward season of life.
Being around teenagers for 4 years full time made me appreciate and love some of the greatest souls I have met. The thing I hated the most about that job was the fact that after a semester of caring about them, praying my guts out for them, teaching and trying to help them, they would walk out the door and I wouldn't see them again.  So I was quite delighted to learn that one of my students that was a quiet sweet sophomore in my fourth period named Rhett was serving his mission in Denver.  We had him and his companion for dinner and it blew my mind to see that quiet kind sophomore boy transform into a powerful missionary.  After we ate we listened as he gave us a spiritual message that was amazing. I had a good brain smile realizing that I had spent hours teaching scripture to him and now here he was at my kitchen table oozing with the spirit and teaching me. I was so proud of him.  It was such an amazing moment. I loved it. I love when you realize that the people who matter never really stop being apart of your life symbolically, but sometimes it's so nice to see them tangibly eating tacos at your table and bearing their testimony and feeling thankful that every once in a while paths cross again that make you feel so happy to have the the humans in your life that you do.

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