Friday, March 15, 2013

Liv's wisdom...

6 Weeks ago we just had Liv. One little simple child. We could have moved to China and been law abiding citizen. No van. No nursing. We had a routine down. No problem. I thought to myself, "Man I am finally rocking this motherhood thing, I could graduate magna cum laude with the ways things are going. I'm actually a little bored so maybe I'll take up some sort of craft or actually do a couple things that I've pinned on pinterest." 
Enter: Child 2
Goodbye routine. Hello van and nursing bra. I am back to feeling like I need a motherhood tutor. Things like having a clean house and complicated dinners (and by complicated I mean anything that requires more than 3 ingredients or 10 minutes) are as extinct as the brontosaurus. I'm sure things will get easier and we will eventually have a routine again but as for now its more about survival.  It just feels like there is so much to do and no time or system to do it.  There is a sacred hour each day where once in awhile the nap stars align and both girls are sleeping.  Other than that holy hour of precious time, I just feel like I am triaging what needs to happen the most.  
 A few days ago Grace was crying and I was staring at our living room that look like a garage sale vomitted on itself with everything everywhere besides the places it should be and I look at Liv and said,
 "Liv what should we do? What does Grace need right now?"  
Without hesitation she looked at me and said, "Chicken Nuggets."
So, trusting Liv's wisdom I made (and by made I mean I took them out of the frozen costco bag and put them in the microwave for 45 seconds) us some chicken nuggets (I don't imagine chicken nugget flavored milk being all that desirable) which Liv loved and then we went outside and did bubbles and just played.  The house was not cleaner when we went back inside, Grace did not sleep the the night and frankly nothing was improved other than the fact that I felt like it was all ok.  Sometimes what you think you need to do is not at all what is really needed. Sometimes you just need chicken nuggets. 

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