Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saturday seriously is a special day...

 There is nothing better that having time.  The more G is in residency the more I appreciate time together. Last Saturday Gar was home and it was the perfect day of doing nothing. I love those kind of days. Days where you don't need to look at a clock the whole day because you have no obligations.  Saturday was a no clock day and I loved every second.  G vacuumed the stairs. Liv and I went to a garage sale and bought hungry hippos. Gar worked out in our home gym (ie the living room) with Liv as his personal trainer:

 We had female rocking in the chair. This is probably the most common sight in our house. Liv loves to do everything Grace does which would be fine except for the fact that Grace doesn't do much besides need to be held, poop, cry, and eat.
 We had our own little backyard barbeque:
 And enjoyed several rounds of hungry hippos except Liv didn't like the loud  noise and insisted on yelling, "Soft" whenever Gar and I tried to play and instead hand fed the hippos quietly by lifting up their mouths and gently placing the marble inside. 
I'm just pleased that when the Earth was being created, Saturday was born because just like the song says, Saturday is indeed a special day...

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  1. there is nothing better than a good, quiet day at home...with all family member present...and no other obligations. the BEST!!