Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Moms need their moms.

I have always loved my mom. I feel like I have always been appreciative of all that she does in my life.  My mom is amazing. Period. I always appreciated when my mom would let me stay up to play one more game of rack-o while she made us a smoothy. I always loved how my mom would wait up for me to come home from dances and then we would discuss every detail.  I loved the packages my mom sent on my mission with candy that she knew I was craving even though it was insanely expensive to mail. I appreciated how my mom didn't yell when I totaled the car. I appreciate how my mom is willing to give in a mother teresa-ish way in every season of my life.  However, never ever ever in my life have I loved or appreciated her more than when she came and literally saved me in my own motherhood the two weeks after I had Grace. With RSV, recovery and stress, there is no way to describe how wonderful it was to have delicious meals made, all the groceries bought, house clean and someone to talk to for hours.  It was the most heavenly gift wrapped blessing that I could have ever written on my Christmas wish list for the next 20 years.
 She put in at least 40 hours of pretend time with Liv. It was a full time pretending job and Liv was in absolute heaven.
 Liv adored every second of being adored.
 She copied everything she did and followed her around like a teenage girl at a Justin Beiber concert.
 I don't think Liv has ever felt so loved.  My mom did everything I loved I needed, down to cookie detail of making enough of my favorite cookies for the next 6 months.
 I laughed hard watching Liv wear her bifocals for hours and hours, refusing to take them off because she wants to be just like Grandma.
I needed her there more than she will ever know.  I felt like doing what Liv did as we dropped her off at the airport...bawling my eyes out saying, "Ah-ma" over and over.  I'm so blessed to have the mom I do.  I have always loved her but being a mom only makes me need and love her more.

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