Friday, July 8, 2011

Amiga and Funnel Cakes...

 Ok. This picture is a Bluefield treasure so I would like to help you fully appreciate the footage shown above.  First funny thing is that I am in Family Dollar with my only friend.  Well, I have another friend I will post below.  The lady above was inactive and I met her doing splits with the sister missionaries.  Her whole family was baptized by an Elder that spoke Spanish but after he left there was no one else that spoke Spanish so coming to church presented what we call a language barrier.  Anyway, she doesn't have a drivers license, car, or visa (not the credit card, the citizenship card) and so we have become friends and yesterday she needed to go to the family dollar store which is a hit here in the city.  This is us in the checkout with some typical citizens.  Please don't miss the blue wife beater in the back WITH the sunglasses on inside the store just for coolio affect.  Also, please take note of the flame boxers of the woman to the right.  These peeps are a good representation of our Bluefield natives.

Below is my neighbor Jim.  He is 77 and his wife is named Loretta.  He sells hot dogs and funnel cakes every Saturday morning at the flea market located in the parking garage.  Most nights he and Loretta just sit on the porch and...sit. So, Liv and I sit with them.  I never have had a friend named Jim but he is definitely one of my favorite Bluefield natives I have met so far.  If you come, he'll invite you for a good porch sit too. 

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