Thursday, July 21, 2011

My volleyball named Liv....

 I have never seen the movie castaway.  I don't think my mosquito sized attention span would permit it.  However, I did have a companion named Lydia Jones who told me all about it one P day in the jungles of Ecuador which was probably better than seeing it.  I guess the main character has this volleyball that he talks to and becomes his friend because he is alone.  Obviously, volleyballs don't talk back but neither do babies.  However, I have come to love my talks with Liv who is much better than a volleyball, even though she does not talk back either.
Even though both are round, I just am so thankful that I have Liv.  She goes with me everywhere.  We meet so many people all day long and she never complains (besides the fact that she still screams like she's being stabbed every time we walk into Walmart).  I don't have time to list the characters that we have given rides to, friends we have made, and porch sitters we have chatted with on our walks.  I love her.


  1. This makes me really happy. I'm glad you're enjoying your little volleyball.

  2. Liv is way more adorable than Wilson the volleyball. I am glad you remember that chat in Ecua-land. My cell phone number is 415-335-9342. Miss you hermana!