Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I love my life. A lot.

Have you ever just been breathing on a normal day and all of a sudden you just realize that your life is so dang good and you don't even know how you got where you are and wonder if there was a malfunction in heaven and all of a sudden your hogging all the blessings and there is an overwhelming sense of peace that you just seem to breathe in and it feels so good?  Well that is my life right now.  I love it. All of it.  I think this pic best describes how I feel.  This was yesterday morning. Normal. Too hot for Liv to wear clothes. Too early to be feeling guilty for not doing anything besides just sitting in a chair and holding her.  I asked her what she wanted to do:

Yep. So happy.  How can I not feel happy and so good when I'm married to the best man alive and then I hang out with her all day?  I mean give me a break.  For family night G was on lesson and I had bought our activity (Rack-o, a game with sentimental value which comes from endless summer hours of playing with mom growing up) at the flea market for 1 George Washington and then we ate cold watermelon balls for dessert.  So simple. So happy. I can't explain how good our life is.
I love my faithful partner all day who doesn't say anything or do anything but have gas but makes me squeal and kiss her cheeks excessively.
I love my main squeeze who does all the responsible things like paying bills, changing oil, figuring out insurance, and organizing on a superhuman level that makes Franklin Covey look like peanuts.  Liv and I go on our nightly walk to see the fireflies while G studies and the sight below is one of my favorites because as soon as we walk in the door from our night walk he gets out of his chair and then its fun G in the house and we are together until its time to shut our eyes and start over the next morning when his alarm on his phone rings at 5 and then my human alarm called Liv goes off around 5:30 and there's no snooze....:)

Anyway, in case you haven't caught the theme of this post, I love my life. Like crazy.  We made a huge summer list of things to do which we will post later.  Life is so good in West Virginia. Come see us and taste the magic.  We promise a good firefly show, muggy air that will make you sweat and guaranteed cheap laughs when you come to town.  We love you.


  1. Chel, I love you! Happiness is possible. You deserve all that you have! Just wanted to give you a little shout out from good old Utah! By the way, fill free to check out my blog too... it's really quite lame, but oh well. :)

  2. T has an interview at George Washington (DC) on Sept 13, so we will be heading that direction, at least. I miss fireflies. Muggy, I can live without, but summer ain't summer without fireflies.