Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome to Bluefield...

That's right folks, since 1889 this magical little paradise that feels like a humid green sauna has been home to untold number of obese accent laden citizens who act like your family the first time you pass them on the cereal aisle at Walmart.  I have never met friendlier people who have more generosity or less teeth in my life.  I don't think certain principles have caught on here yet ie. smoking, and frying everything is bad for you; as well as the concept of wearing bras and exercise.  I love it here. There are so many things that make me laugh so hard but are not meant to be funny.  I tried for 40 minutes to find a store that sold sprouts to put them on our wraps I was making for dinner.  The funniest part wasn't that there was not a single sprout to be sold within 5 cities (I called them all) but the fact that no one here had even heard of sprouts period. I'm going to grow my own today.  I'll include a couple of pics to help you feel right at home here.  To give you an accurate idea, the movie "October Sky" is about a city right next to us.  Yep, rent that and you'll be starting to see the vision of where we live.  It's gorgeous green and humid as a sauna.  I love our life in Bluefield.

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  1. i want so badly to live in bluefield...i love and miss you crazy bad. can't wait to visit and see your new life!