Friday, July 8, 2011

Day at the Biblioteca...

I don't know if you've met my friend Liv,  but we go everywhere together. Everywhere. I have never had a more faithful companion. I think she has been more places than most 6 week old babies. She's in the top 99th percentile for leaving the home (I think its funny how new moms are obsessed with percentiles for everything...weight, their childs head size, everything.  I hear all about it from my mother's lounge rat friends that nurse in the rocker next to me in various mothers lounge locations).  She goes across the country, on a plane, to the store, on splits with the missionaries, everywhere.  Every morning we have the same routine.  I ask her what she wants to do and we have a little planning session together.  She never says anything but it's kind of the same concept of the guy on Castaway talking to the volleyball.  Sometimes she responds.  Mostly I just kiss her face. She's so dang cute even if she is starting to bald.  Yesterday we decided we needed a good field trip around town so we chose "Library" on the GPS and drove quickly as to maximize Liv's excellent behavior of a deep sleep in her carseat.  She remained asleep and temple like quiet until midway through my application for a library card process when she suddenly broke out into shrieks.  This shrieking is her public wildlife cry which is loud at Walmart or anywhere but had especially sweet acoustics ricocheting off the walls of the library.  We made a hasty exit. I don't know if we'll go back unless Liv pledges better behavior.  

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  1. This makes my heart sing. I already love that little girl of yours.