Friday, July 8, 2011

Hickies, Detox, and Watermelon Balls

Liv is a great baby.  Seeing as she is the first and birthright daughter, I have nothing to compare her to but I do like her. A lot. Seeing as we spend say oh 24 hours together, we've been doing a lot of getting to know you which is slightly difficult since she doesn't talk.  However, she's the only friend I've got to hang out with during the day so we're figuring it out.  We do a lot together like walks outside until I can't handle the humidity and run to the refuge of the AC; we also spend a good portion of our day in the rocking chair and walking around doing this weird hip jostling that I've seen advanced mothers master.  I have learned that there is one thing Liv hates and that is grocery shopping.  It's like she can sense when we enter the store because she instantly comes unglued and suddenly my darling baby transforms into a screeching, shrieking, screaming inconsolable teradactyl.  G and I decided to go on a week long detox diet which included drinking ridiculous amounts of juice.  I had no choice but to bring Liv to purchase the magical juice and as she shrieked and I pulled the cart, I had her in one arm facing me and one arm to shop and pull the cart.  She started sucking on my neck but seeing as I was getting juice and watermelon, I didn't have two hands free to get her pacifier (which would have been futile anyway because she refuses to be pacified while in public places).  I could feel her sucking but didn't think anything of it until I got to the register where Luanna said, "Oh girl look at you, people gonna think yo husband gone crazy on you."  I didn't know what she was talking about until I took G the juice and he said, "Chel what happened to your neck."  Well, turns out our first  Sunday meeting the Bishop will include a giant hicky... . 

Anyway, the detox was going well for about 4 hours and I read that miso soup was permitted so I immediately got into my Mulan mindset and started calling.  I found a Japanese restaurant in Princeton that served such a delicacy and made a reservation for 2 (plus a car seat).  We ordered the Miso soup to see if it would be life sustaining for dinner.  For those of you who are not cultured, presenting two hot bowls of miso soup...  

Let's just say we ended up ordering the meal and we couldn't let two friend eggrolls go to waste so we modified and made our own detox diet for the rest of the week.... 

The best discovery of the week was a $3.29 cent invention called the watermelon baller.  I like watermelon. I love watermelon balls.  I don't know how the shape manages to change the flavor so much, but it does.  If you don't own a watermelon baller, you should get one right now.  It will change your summer. Forever.  


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