Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthday G part 2....

The classic blow out the candle shot...it never gets old. It's a birthday must whether you are turning 3 or 1 (or in G's case, those numbers combined).  Charlottesville was so fun and filled up the family gauge that had been running a bit low the last few 8 months....  It was so fun to be with the cutest 4 boys on Earth.  I mauled and kissed them all so much that G gave them all a dollar to pay them for sharing some of the cuddle burden that he has to endure.
We enjoyed our private concerts and playing games in Harris boy heaven.
We enjoyed delicious meals and soaking up every minute of cousin cuisine.
Not to mention G getting to have some birthday bow and arrow time on top of the play fortress.  It doesn't matter how old you are. A boy is a boy and boys like bow and arrows.

We will definitely be going back.
 We love them so much.  You don't really have a choice of who is eternally connected to you on your family tree, but it's so nice when they are people you really want to be with forever.

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