Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday night date. Kind of. With kids.

Last weekend we went to the Watsons for dinner and date night.  Date night with children that is.  6 children under six won an automatic golden ticket to this exclusive night due to a lack of babysitters in this forsaken town.  We were in charge of drink and since I take beverage assignments very seriously, I bought everyone a goblet and we had a delicious strawberry slush.  Hans' goblet held approximately 4 ounces which isn't enough for a newborn babe, let alone a growing man so he solved his problem by keeping a small pitcher near by for frequent refills.
We had chicken tacos, guacamole that authentic Mexico city could have been proud of, "better than a lot of things" cake (G renamed it), lime cilantro rice and bean dip.
We played loaded questions and laughed hard.  There are few things better in life than laughing hard.  Not just a polite giggle but the kind of laughing where you make really unlady like gutteral sounds from your belly and your head hurts because you're laughing so hard.  Bishop Boon was crying when a question came up about gas. I don't think men ever really grow up from scout camp humor.  The laughing was due to this game:
Always a classic for couples. Guaranteed funny if you are playing with people who even have 1/8 cup of sense of humor in their brains.  Liv was soaked from sucking on melon and chips and basically anything that would keep her quiet so we had to give her some tub time upstairs which she enjoyed.

We finished the night by turning off the lights and everyone got a glow stick and we turned up the music and had a wild night glow dance.  I mentally stored this idea in my future mothering lobe of my brain as an effective way to burn energy before bed.  Loved it.  It always feels good to be with friends, drink strawberry slush from a goblet and laugh hard. Always.

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  1. BTW Chelsey, we most certainly did not eat chicken tacos. They were Hans' Famous Fish Tacos and the idea that you even forgot this important factoid curdles my milk!