Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fries for dinner.

I would never really wear this. But I secretly think it's funny. I love french fries. We made them last night for dinner with fry sauce and it was so good it made me almost want to buy this sweatshirt. Almost. Why does celery not taste as good as french fries?  Why is it the first day of the new year and I already know I need to make some get healthy goals but instead would rather eat french fries?

I love the new year even though we celebrated at 10 pm because G had work early in the morn, and when I say early I mean early.  I'm talking it's still dark outside pre rooster way to early to be up time. In church today I was thinking about how lame I am at New Years resolutions and then I realized that I don't need to get all worried because in a way the sacrament is like a mini new years in a much more eternal way since I literally can start fresh not just once a year but every week. That's genius. I can do weekly.  A 365 day commitment to anything blows my mind. I love the sacrament. I also still love french fries.

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