Tuesday, January 31, 2012

G's 31st birthday getaway...

 Big weekend. G turned 31. He's growing up so fast. That sounds old. How can I be married to a 31 year old man when I still have a 17 year old brain?  Well, my 17 year old brain concluded that we needed to get the heck out of Bluefield if we were going to have a legitimate celebration so I typed up our itinerary with 31 things we were going to do on his birthday getaway.  Wednesday night we drove to Blacksburg and went to dinner and the Virginia Tech/ BYU basketball game:

Liv was up way past her bedtime which means she enters the grump zone with full force. Luckily we averted the grump zone with a magical blue raspberry snow cone which is my personal favorite treat and now I think one of Liv's as well....
The bed an breakfast I had originally reserved did not allow for children under 12 so I told them we would see them in 11 years and canceled and we stayed at a cute little place on Main street where Liv had her own room and woke up every 20 minutes....all night long. 
It was not her finest hour. Or hours I should say.
After breakfast in bed we all fell back asleep until 11.  We went to Ben and Jerry's for Garrett's favorite ice cream, shopped for new birthday shoes and then he went to his scheduled massage.  That night we went to Longhorn steakhouse, picked out birthday books, went to Christiansburg and drove to Charlottesville (this deserves its very own post so we will come back to that portion of the getaway later).
After a good sleep in we went to down town Charlottesville where we went to Christians famous pizza (One of G's favorite foods which we rarely go to eat since I am not a huge pizza fan) and enjoyed the down town sights...
We were loving our time but someone was not loving at much as everyone else. So I gave her a lemon which by far was a much better investment for fun than the overpriced gelato which averages out to be around .50 cents a swallow...
We thought it would be rude to not stop by our friend Thomas Jefferson's house and enjoyed the scenic drive o glory up to Monticello.
We went to a fun Mexican restaurant, played games, took naps, and enjoyed just being. Not working. Not studying. Just enjoying.  We opened presents while listening to "Keep on Lovin You" by Aero Speed wagon which was the top hit in 1981 the year G was born.  I thought it was oh so appropriate. I love Garrett's birthday. I'm so glad that he was born. Every single day of my life.
There is no one on Earth I am more glad was born than this man.  It's really worth celebrating.  I can't and don't want to ever imagine life without him.  It really was a happy day because he was born.

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