Sunday, January 15, 2012

Something new...

Our computer has not been reading the SIM card, our phone is not working, and G is on call so Liv and I have been isolated in this winter wonderland. We should be at church right now except for church is cancelled due to snow so Liv and I are hanging out. We do a lot of hanging out. A lot. The last few days she has just been grumpy. Not in pain. Not hungry. Not tired. Just grumpy.  I can relate because I feel the same way.  We both have felt a little like this (Ok, a LOT like this):

Last weekend G said that maybe he thought Liv just needed to go to Kmart on a daddy daughter only date so I could have some time by myself.  I did not object. In fact I ran as fast as I could up the stairs to get her coat and shoes (sidenote: I do realize getting shoes for her is a bit of a joke since she doesn't walk but I guess you never know when they'll just start sprinting so I have to be prepared)
I loaded her up in the back of the luxurious taurus and she was instantly babbling with joy and brim with contentment.

She was pumped. I was even more pumped. At that point, Kmart felt like an all inclusive resort.  It was only an hour or so before they came back but I felt totally rejuvinated and the best part was Liv had suddenly transformed.  I don't know what magical aisle G took her down but when she got back she was a new woman. See the evidence below:

I concluded that sometimes you have just been where you are for too long and you just need something, anything new to feel excited to go back.  Consistency is necessary but sometimes you have to break it up because consistency can also be boring.  Thank you G, thank you Kmart.

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