Sunday, January 15, 2012

Molecule moments.

I feel bad for all the watch companies since cell phones were invented.  I actually feel worse for the pocket watch people. Nothing says class like having a pocket watch.  I want to bring back the pocket watch.  It's funny being home and not being able to go out because the roads are icy because our day is not governed by time since we are not late to anything since we have nowhere to go.  So when Garrett makes his triumphal entry through the door and asks what we did, I never say the words, "o'clock or at this time" because I usually don't know what time it is.  I do however, have a collection of moments that I don't want to forget that make up what really matters.

For example, the moment two days ago when April and I were screaming in the WalMart parking lot because it was so cold it felt like our faces were being ripped off and we were trying to stuff a 45 gallon tub into the back of the white taurus with three kids inside the the warm car like a luxury rocky ridge experience. Like the moment that I feel like I can't breathe because my sister Em makes me laugh so hard on the phone and it feels like she's here in the living room with Liv and I even though she's hundreds of miles away. Or the moment a few mornings ago when Liv got the apricot/apple/blueberry/chicken jar of baby food somehow on her eyelashes and just kept shrieking like she was the funniest thing every born.  Or the moment last night where I accidentally laid Sister Waltons' coat over the burning candle without realizing it almost had our whole house on fire. Or the moment when I randomly get a text from my mom and I know she's missing me. Or the moment when I'm trying to scrape off our icy car with a plastic cutting board because I don't have a scraper and our neighbor comes over and does the whole thing for Liv and I so we can leave. Or the moment yesterday morning during scripture study where I felt the holy ghost teaching me something that I really needed.  Or the moment when Garrett's mom called to give me a squash recipe and I love her consistent example. Or the moment last night just watching Garrett sleep in a non creepy way while I just laid in my bed and felt peace and so thankful for every single cell of my life.  Like Elder Maxwell said, 'Moments are the molecules that make up eternity."  I am so thankful for my molecules.

Moments don't last which is the tie in for this comic (mostly I just like the cartoon but think of it as motivation to seize the moments or shall I say carpe di molecules?)

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