Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Better Bag Ideas...

Out of the $20 and the rabbit Liv got from Grandma on her birthday, she prefers the rabbit.  
We packed our first box. Correction, Gar packed our first box.  What can I say? It's one of his gifts. The king of order and organization.  We decided for family night that we were going to watch a conference talk for our lesson  http://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2012/04?lang=eng,  eat apple pie and ice cream for dessert and then pack and watch "America's got Talent" for activity.  When G suggested we do our books I thought that would take around 10 minutes.  Then I forgot about G style organization and now our books are in such impeccable order we could pass out a library card because every box is categorized into their specific category.  I love that my husband is so organized.  Especially since disorganization has been a perma-weakness of mine for oh let's see, the last 29 years.  Packing is also a weakness or rather something I like to do about as much smelling a pet store, pulling out a sliver, and eating cold eggs. Perhaps I would be a little more excited about the activity if the boxes weren't so boring looking.  While we're on the topic, bags are pretty  boring in America too compared to these bags in Europe. I think they are on to something besides Lindt chocolate balls, this is a simply fantastic idea that needs to happen from sea to shining sea:

Creative shopping bags.

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