Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Popsicle heaven....

Liv has a new love. It's what we call the timeless summer classic...popsicles. Whoever invented them was a summer genius.I visualized me holding it and her gingerly licking it like a timid deer. False. What happened is that as soon as she grasped the popsicle, she was in love. Complete love. If only I could appreciate food as much Liv appreciates popsicles. 
The stick was irrelevant. What was relevant was shoving that juicy melting sugary mess into her mouth as fast as possible while squealing with utter delight.
It was so delicious she had to close her eyes to enjoy.

We're off to a great summer start. She doesn't even know about otter pops yet. She has no idea what's coming....

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