Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Doctor Dog...

It's true. June 4th is something you should have celebrated because it's the day Casey Doggett was born. It was a big day for planet Earth. They invited us over for a delicious Boston cream pie cake.
After the candles were removed, Levi took advantage of the situation and was very proactive in his cake consuming.  Why wait for unnecessary annoyances like plates and forks when you can achieve the goal?  Thank you Levi Doggett for this important life lesson.  I'd like to point out his left nostril which was completely clogged with cake immediately following his cake attack:

 Liv and Levi shared a first sippie cup (intermittent with shrieks and whining).  They often share germs but since they are betrothed, it's not that big of a deal. Germs don't matter when you're in love.
We're so glad Casey Dog was born, mostly because his cake was so good but also because he's a quality human being.

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