Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day....

Pa day.  Basically a really great excuse for G to get some new golf toys and breakfast.  This year I attempted "rounds and rounds" which are basically a Seibold family tradition of glorified pancakes made with fancy beaten egg whites and cooked in a spiral shape.  If you can't cook rounds and rounds, you don't deserve to marry a Seibold and can never hang your head high in a Seibold kitchen.  This year I decided to attempt and it turned out more like "blobs and blobs" than "rounds and rounds" but G was very gracious about my efforts.  Liv loved them.
(I made sure to remove the actual rounds and rounds so that I would not have to be embarrassed prior to taking this photo)
Liv even kept her hair bow on for the special occasion except for it was so high it looked like she had flowers growing out of her head. Oh well.
 There really couldn't be a better father.  I know moms have the stereotype for being the most nurturing and concerned and naturally a caregiver but I am afraid that is not the case in our home.  When Liv was a newborn, G wouldn't even leave her car seat out in the living room in case a spider crawled in it.  G checks on Liv on a 5:1 ratio while I drool during the night and Liv never fails to shriek with delight and her legs quiver and shake the second he walks through the door each day.  He instantly hits the floor the second he gets home because even though he's not as expressive and flaps his arms and shakes his legs, I think he's just as excited to see his twin too.  Fathering to G isn't a side job or something he does after he's done studying or watching ESPN highlights, it's who he is and what he loves more than anything else. I think G should write a parenting book and then we could pay off our student loans.  
After the dinner of his choice and a Father's day dance (thank you Everclear, "Father of Mine") it was time for all glory, laud and honor and gifts of adulation.  Since G's driver was bought last month, his tokens of appreciation to open were quite meager.  Liv was the most thrilled with the uptown "Axe" deodorant since the Old Spice that I bought on sale is like lighting a match in your arm pits.  After the Father's day Spa, I brought in G's pillow which was cooling in the natural West Virginia breeze outside (cold pillows are one of G's favorite items)
 I was just relieved that the squirrels respected G enough on his big day not to poop on his pillow....
Happy Dad Day.

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