Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the green...

Saturday night was G's night off in a long time which meant we needed a little something to commemorate.  We decided to try out the driving range and we are not sorry we did.
This was no Riverwoods.  We went to this big shed where a man that could easily have qualified for bingo night at the nursing home without showing any ID was waiting and thrilled to have some business.  The man goes out and hand picks up all the balls for his job.  I don't know if he thought G was the next Tiger Woods (minus the cheating on his wife part) or what but as soon as we got our bucket of balls, he set up his lawn chair and watched him while saying, "There ya go!" after every one.
Liv and I set up a picnic blanket with our cheese-its (PS why do they spell those with a "z"?) and soaked up some summer sun.

Liv is into using her mouth lately.  I think she thought she could fit a whole golf ball in but she fell short. I hit a few and then let the master do his work with his Father's Day driver...
This is the man in action and the bag of cheese-its/cheez-its in case you were wondering.  The broccoli forest behind is typical West Virginia. It really is one of the most beautiful places on Earth even though I can't wait to kiss it goodbye.  I think golf is growing on me. Slowly. But growing.

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