Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Carpet time at the Open...

This is not just any ordinary box you're looking at.  This is a moving box. Why? Because we are moving. Soon. We be permanently resigning our West Virginia citizenship in less than a week and I am so excited.  I'm trying to think of things that are a bigger hassle than moving and I can come up with very few.  Maybe having a baby while crossing the plains in the middle of a blizzard with a bonnet on or having motion sickness on the Santa Maria with Columbus but other than that, all I can come up with is moving. It is what we call tremendously inconvenient in every way.  We have started the process that should have been started weeks ago.
Part of this process includes us desperately trying to hold on to our deposit by steam cleaning the carpets while watching the US Open of course.
I love the Rug Doctor. I love remembering what color our carpet is supposed to be. I love that if I was loaded I would probably hire 50 oompa loompas to come in and pack and clean this whole house because the thought causes my unorganized brain complete overwhelment to the max. I guess overwhelment is not a word because the spell checker is questioning me but overwhelment is the state of feeling completely and totally overwhelmed.  If anyone wants to drive with Liv and I for 28 hours or help G drive the big bird truck or feels inclined to pack or clean....you are more than invited, right now.

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