Sunday, June 10, 2012

A day the fair...WV style

I know you're wondering why Liv is wearing overalls. I will tell you. Saturday G was working all day (like the previous 7 and the next consecutive 14) and so Liv and I decided to go to the county fair. It was 82 degrees and a perfect sunny fair like day.  I did not know what to anticipate at a West Virginia fair, but I knew that I would not be disappointed.  Since you most likely missed the fair this year, I will post my personal favorites high lights:
One dollar goes a long way.  There are multiple things to buy with a dollar but a fried bologna sandwich is not at the top of my list.  They probably didn't have any left anyway because the line was so long. I'm not joking.  Welcome to West Virginia.
I don't know why we don't add a little face painting in with our scripture study. What a great incentive to read the bible...(I'm joking).
After they finished their song the white haired sax player in the middle said, "Now it's time for some heathen music!"  Who knew that senior citizens had such a rebellious streak here.  You would have thought everyone was a jr. high girl at a Justin Beiber concert the way everyone was packed around this band. I had a good chuckle outloud.  The only tragedy is that this picture doesn't come with audio.
I have never understood the point of owning cars that you don't drive but there were plenty for the ey to behold. I personally think Liv's toes are the best part if this pic.
Apparently we aren't the only church with a prayer roll...
This is not a set from a 1920's movie.  This is the real downtown. I'm saying that nice pink and blue optical shop is still in operation. I honestly feel like I transported myself in a time machine whenever I go downtown.
I personally won't be visiting the restaurant to the left, or the church to the right but I'd be happy to take you on a tour of either if you're interested...
Liv was sweating in her overalls and very contemplative after our fair excursion. There was plenty more treasures to see but it will have to wait for another year....

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