Saturday, June 2, 2012

A memorable memorial day...

When G and I were playing, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" the question asked which holiday commemorated those who had died for our country. I said, "That is such an easy question. Duh." I then marked Veterens day and got it wrong.  I knew that memorial day is the day we go to the cemetery but I have obviously been missing the point for the last oh 29 years.  I would like to say that after that "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" turning point in my life, I changed everything and spent the day in quiet meditation at Arlington.  I really am so thankful and overwhelmed by what people have sacrificed for freedom but memorial day was more of a family fun day than a veterans appreciation day.  I think maybe I will celebrate it appropriately like I chose on the wii game....
The Seibolds have a tradition of having a huge and I mean huge group of people over for a massive barbeque.  Before they put the burgers on the grill, everyone goes over to the baseball diamond and has a big softball game. It might have been more fun if the air didn't feel like a hot down comforter right out of the dryer.  I think humidity should be in places where torture is necessary.
 While the boys played I hung out with Kerr and Kim (who is pregnant with twin boys), pushed Jax on the swings and tried to bond, and tried to not pass out in the oppressive humid heat that made me feel like I was sitting in the middle of an active volcano. The pool was a welcome activity after feasting even though Liv was not a fan:
The women chatted and ate and then proceeded to continue their chatting.
 The men on the other hand were not chatting at all in order to give proper respect to the game going on:
We had to leave soon after because G had to work the next day. I love summer. I welcome every sprinkler spraying, popsicle dripping, deodorant defying, warm late night talking, slurpee buying moment.
So far, I think Liv shares my summer sentiments as well:

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