Saturday, June 2, 2012

The day of my birth...

I don't think I am too high maintenance. I have a firm testimony of garage sales and second hand purchasing. I got my nails once, for my wedding and will never do it again. I don't have a little dog, a gucci purse or even know what one looks like, and rarely order anything not on the .99 cent menu at Wendy's.  However, there is one aspect of my life when I doubt there are few people more high maintenance than I.  It is call holiday high maintenance and I have been my entire life.  I think it's genetic because I think there are multiple people in my family who also have this gene.  What it means is that I will never be one of those meek holiday humans that quietly says without any resentment at all weeks later that it was their birthday.   No big fuss, no hoop la, no build up, in fact they prefer people not to know that they are having a birthday.  I find it absurd, borderline ludicrous. I start telling people about my birthday a month before we're even close to the planning stages.  I love the concept of birthdays.  A whole day to just relish and commemorate the fact that you are alive.  It's not a day where you feel guilty for forgetting the meaning like getting presents on Christmas or stuffing your double chins with excessive amounts of cadbury eggs on Easter because the whole point is to honor the person that was born. No guilt. No deep meaning. No trip to the cemetery or sentimental programs, just superficial praise, honor, and worldly gifts of adoration.  I love my birthday. I always have and I always will.  I love other people's birthday too but I love mine the most. G comes from the opposite end of the holiday expectation spectrum.  If I gave him a water balloon that had already been popped and a piece of toast with no jam on it and said, "Happy Birthday", he would sleep just fine that nap and be thankful for the toast. Thus, we have had some serious discussions on celebrations and their importance in our marriage.
 So I was extremely pleased when I woke up on my birthday to see that G had a meeting with the whole family wherein he explained his holiday high maintenance wife and then explained the festivities of the day.  I was already excited. We kicked off the day with breakfast in request of cinnamon brown sugar pop tarts and fresh juice was granted. I was feeling glad to be born all ready.
Since I love to talk and being with people and talking is one of my ultimate favorite activities, G had everyone sign up for a 12 minute slot (allowing 3 minutes for bathroom breaks or a drink) for me to spend time with each member in the family.  While we chatted, G had bought my favorite smoked gouda cheese and crackers and make strawberry daqueris and pina colada drinks and other treats to be served throughout the day:
It was non stop service all day.  I had neck rubs on demand, long talks all day with whoever was next on my assigned list (I felt a little like a Bishop at tithing settlement), and my favorite foods. After the talks, we went outside to play my ultimate elementary school recess activity...four square. 
 If you haven't played four square in a long time, you should. It's way more fun than I remember and it became quite competitive with all adults.  G gave permission to paint a permanent four square court at our new home. After Garrett and Taylor won, it was time for dinner and I was thrilled because we were having my favorite: shrimp and salmon.

We had the best bread from a fancy restaurant called Krusemeres and everyone feasted.
G then presented all the prizes that would be available as we entered game time.  Since I love playing games for prizes, there was much more incentive to come off victorious.  We played a money guessing game, sudoku challenge and then a few intense rounds of perpetual commotion where Kerry and Tanner dominated but mom and I were not trailing far behind.  The teams were as follows:

Then it was time for presents. I don't know why people pretend they don't want presents or have a party and say don't bring gifts. Are you kidding me? I love gifts. Love. If I was super rich I think I would open a bank account just to buy phenomenal birthday gifts for everyone I love all year around. One of Gar's gifts came with a great coupon card:
Everyone was very thoughtful and I was loving it all, especially my note from Tanner.  After everyone had such a thrilling time watching me open gifts (let's be honest, that's the most boring thing for all party participants involved) it was time for dessert which was a bummer for everyone besides me because apparently rice pudding isn't the ultimate dessert for them.  I realize it's kind of a nursing home food but it has always been my very favorite and I felt like my grandma Harris was there while I ate it.  I know everyone has their agency but I would not hesitate to recommend rice pudding to anyone, anywhere, anytime. I love it.
I am so glad I was born. I feel so weird to be turning 29 when I still haven't matured past my 17 year old prime.  Maybe 29 is the year when it will kick in and I will talk about mature things like 401k funds and shop at Lands End and stop laughing like a fog horn buffalo.  Probably not, but you never know.  I hope everyone had a good May 28th because it is one of my personal favorites of the whole year. 

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