Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Seibold family combined weight: 389 pounds.

Bodies are so much effort. We just got the oil changed in the car and that is the kind of maintenance I can handle...every 3,000 miles you stop in and smell rubber tires while watching men with greasy  black hands do manly things saying words you have no idea what they mean like carburetor and then give them $25 bucks with a coupon and you're good to go.  Taking care of a body is far more complex. You feed it at least three times a day and if you don't feed it the right things you start to jiggle.  If you don't give it enough sleep you want to bite everyone's head off and transform into an unpleasant cranky version of yourself.  I love to eat but this whole daily exercise thing really gets to me.  I think I lack the gene of all the people I see outside in florescent sports bras jogging with their 6 pack glistening in the sun.  Those are the same people weird me out every time I go to the gym because they  are pumping iron and breathing like they are having contractions in the last stage of labor. 
 My favorite part of the gym is the water fountain. I make sure to get a drink every few minutes because it's the only thing there is to look forward to.  G and I decided to motivate our flabby selves to see who could lose 5 pounds first with a grand prize offering.  Let me tell you about the golden period of weight loss.  It's the few days before you actually start weight loss but you have decided you will so all the guilt is erased of anything you are eating because you are "going to be starting in a few days" so you feast like it's going to be nothing but fast Sunday for the next year.

So the golden period ended, I even bought some water bottles and pulled out my old friend Jillian Michaels with her 30 day shred. We wrote our current weights on the mirror in the bathroom with our goal weights even larger next to them.
 Since the challenge began I have gained 2 pounds and Gar has gained 3.  The only thing this fitness challenge has done is made us more aware of our weight gain.
We are not giving up but I wonder if I will ever love the gym or enjoy sweating while Jillian yells at me from the TV.  I want to be one of those people who checks labels on food for things like "riboflavin, transaturated suicide fat", etc and knows the difference, one of those people who has the hard core calorie counter strapped to your bulging bicep as you run at 5 am and has a "workout" mix on your ipod.  I don't know if it's possible but I'm open to suggestions....


  1. I hate the gym, but I love my gymboss. It's an interval timer. I also love this book: You are your own gym, by Mark Lauren.

    You make me laugh everyday.

  2. Read The China Study. Best nutrition book I have ever read and very life changing. It's crazy amazing. Seriously. I now feel like I know what is and isn't healthy - before I was super confused. Both of you should read it really...being in the health field and all. Actually, they just came out with a documentary on it called Forks Over Knives. Maybe watch that first...and if you like it, then get the book. I rented both from our library. Best thing you will read all year. I guarantee it. And would love to know what you think of it!