Sunday, June 10, 2012

Liv's .75 cent adoption...

If you are creeped out by the dolls' eyes on the left, you are not alone.  Liv however, is the opposite of creeped.  She sees the the doll for its inner beauty and her infant mother instincts suddenly blossomed full force. On the way home from the fair there was a garage sale.  I love garage sales. Love. At the sale they were selling 2 babies for .75 cents.  I brought the new additions home and disinfected them and then added them to her other babe.  I had no idea the reaction they would have.  Liv turned into a mother hen and I started to believe the dolls were real by how she took care of them.  Anywhere she crawled, she would drag 2 and then go back for the third so that they were surrounded under her protective care at all times.
She would put them on a circuit of feeding them her bottle and then burp each one.  When one was done, she would set it down next to her and then pick up the next one and do the same thing.  I was fascinated.  I felt like I was watching Naitonal Geographic.  How the heck did she know to burp her babies?  Who is teaching her these mothering skills? She doesn't even walk and is not even graduated for over a month from the suckling child nursing club.
When I tried to take a baby, she would put them in a pile and then lay on top of them and kiss them.  All three of their plastic heads were dripping with drool.
I know you are probably sick of these but I've never seen her so excited about any toy. Ever.  It proves the theory that women have a natural nurturing that is innate...I just had no idea how early on it developed!
She insisted on dragging them all over to the car seat that we were cleaning and sitting with them for a good 15 minutes. 
I would say that was the best .75 cents I have spent in a long time....  


  1. I am laughing so hard right now!!! I love that little girl and all the crazy things she does now and will do.

  2. oh my heck I am cracking up. Liv sounds just as awesome as her mommy.