Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bienvenidos Hudson Alexander...

We were such hard core garage sale participants that after we got home, Becky went into labor.  We were sad that she missed the birthday festivities but the excuse was legitimate. Since she didn't have an epidural, all the husbands complimented her on joining the "real woman" club. Kerry and I remain proudly part of the birthing wimps circle with no desire to ever move out. 
The family elevator full of anticipation on checking out the new twig on the family tree...
Even though Brock has doubled our offspring, the fathers and cousins had a bit of bonding in the corner.
Jaxson had a little whine fest on the hospital floor which made Liv stare. I'd probably whine too if all I had were girl cousins to hang out with. I'm sure he will be grateful for Hudson's manly presence.
All of us staring and enjoying the new born babe lying in a manger hospital bed.
Red and I enjoying the big day

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