Monday, October 10, 2011

4 reasons this week I'm glad I married the G...

Reason 1- He makes way better scrambled eggs than I do and the morning he was home I came downstairs to some digestive divinity.
Reason 2- Our reeky trash can.  Some chores I don't want to do so badly that I just ignore that they need to be done all together; i.e. our vomitous trash can that has rotting nastiness in the bottom that I solve by just putting in a new bag so I don't have to look at it.  (Kinda like don't look, don't tell but different than the the new army policy).  Well, Saturday night G came home and saw the trash can since I didn't have time to put the bag in before he saw the damage.  Instead of passing out from the disgusting homemaking deficiency he had just witnessed, he just grabbed some comet and a brush. He didn't say a single word, I just caught up on his way out to wash.  Dr by day, trash scrubber by night.
Reason 3- I call it cherries round two.  We had constant rain meaning no walks for Liv and I for 2 days and so I loved opening the fridge and seeing a new bag of cherries (my ultimate favorite) with a note waiting.  I ate them all in one setting.  Embarrassing but true.

Reason 4- He loves Liv and I like crazy.  Sometimes he walks in the door and says, "Great news Chel, Fun G is here and it's time to HAVE FUN." He knows how much I love to play and laugh and he programs and plans it in to his already jam packed day.   (*Side note, does it not look like Liv is taking the picture above?  I found it funny...)

In case you meet someone today that says, "Hey by chance do you know if Chelsey Seibold loves being married more than anything?" You will know what to say. Heck yes. A trillion times yes.  I'm in love with Garrett Seibold. To the maximus.

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