Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dinner. Nursing home foods continued.

I recently learned that the peaches were a mistake.  That you should NEVER start fruits before vegetables.  How the heck was I supposed to know that? Anyway, after learning this information I promptly went to my friend and social hub, Kroger and bought a nice juicy jar of sweet potatoes, peas, and other various pre chewed puke consistency dinners for my offspring.  Since she seems to get it everywhere when I feed her, G wanted to have a try. 

Do you see the problem with the picture below?  G's mouth is open. Liv's mouth is filled with her hand. Typical. And also very ineffective.

I don't know how the eyebrow smear happened but I thought it was a nice touch.
So naturally the dinner activity led to a necessary bath:
Take a moment to appreciate this discretionary thigh roll shot please. She's also being modest with her hand placement but I do love her bread dough body of rolls.  Bath time is one of my favorite motherhood perks:
Have I mentioned today that I really love being her mother? I thought my life was cool before this. I think I must have had brain damage because this is the best thing ever.  I love this chunky little human being from heaven. So. Dang. Much.

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  1. I hope you get this note. I hope you won't make your blog "private" so that I can't catch up. I hope you won't consider me a "blog stalker." I love reading your blog... second only to reading my Sundy's blog! Thank you for sharing your wonderful life in such soulful ways and with such perfectly scrumptious language. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Sundy's mom)