Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Growth at an alarming rate...

I am afraid I am becoming the author of the very type of blog I mock.  The kind of blog that has 213,4320423 pictures of the same baby in different outfits doing the exact same things that causes the average American to roll their eyes and the only person to react and make shrill excited noises of ultimate delight is the mother of the child.  I pledge to stop only posting exclusively and only about Liv.  But, I cannot pledge to stop completely because she is my world.  Liv land. That's where I reside.  She wears 12 month clothes.  She is 4 1/2 months. This is a problem. At this rate she will be wearing my clothes when she goes to kindergarten.  Slightly awkward for her, and for me. For all parties involved.
I've heard of thumb sucking. Liv takes it to the next level.  I can't get her to stop shoving her entire fist in her mouth, or the back of her wrist, or as many fingers as she can cram in at a time.  This is also a slightly awkward practice considering it causes excessive drool to constantly run down her arm, soak her bib and the outfit underneath and anyone holding her.

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  1. I am dying. There is no cuter baby. Did you hear me? No. Cuter. Baby. Periods always are for emphasis.