Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mexican Date Night.

I love going out to eat. I love the menus. I love the ambiance. I love the food. I think what I love most is the waiter or waitress concept. Think about it. Simply because I am going to pay, making me the customer, their entire purpose for the hour is to take care of my needs. Genius. I love them coming to the table and refilling my glass like I'm a Sultan and asking if they can get me anything.  The only thing that is one level higher is airline stewardesses (stewardesi?).  Anyway, G and I don't really go out to eat since our trek East to the middle of nothing for 3 main reasons.  It costs money, and takes time (2 things that we do not have flowing in abundance at this particular season in our life) and three, there really isn't anywhere good to eat out.  There are 2 small Mexican restaurants here and the one had its lights going out so I figured if they can't afford to keep their sign lit, they probably wouldn't be investing in their enchiladas.  So, we went with the other by default.  The food was a C- but I do always love the chips and salsa prior to the meal.
Liv gets invited on all our date nights be default but she did have the dating etiquette to fall asleep so we could enjoy the Mexican romantic atmosphere de amor but I did want to get a pic of her sleeping so I lifted up her carseat cape to quickly snap a pic but I forgot the flash was on, and the result was this photogenic face:
I know there are cute baby contests but if there was a double chin perfection contest, I would enter this picture and I'm fairly sure she could win.

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