Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tumor Board Eve at 2 am.

G informed me that he would be presenting a case at the "Tumor Board" this morning at 7 am.  First of all, that is morbidly funny.  I do not know why they could not think of another name for 30 doctors discussing something very important like cancer and tumors.  I remember thinking it was fun to stay up late.  Now I can think of very few things that are less fun besides getting cavities filled, when your feet go to sleep at the same time, and really long red lights when you are in a huge rush.  Well, since G gets up before any normal human would voluntarily get up, we rarely stay up late but last night was an anomaly.  Since he had to work on his presentation, we were staying up like we were freshman girls in the dorm again.  At 2 am, we were still paryting.  Ok, not partying.  Here is our 2 am photos of what we were all doing while others were drooling in their beds:
G working away on his power point.

Liv at 2 am doing my favorite trick she does...sleeping. I think she must have been dreaming about doing a snow angle.

 I would include a pic but I was not looking like a beauty queen at 2 am after making over 50 cinnamon twists with pink frosting in order to commemorate breast cancer awareness.    I realize that these look like a 1st grade Valentines day creation gone bad but I eliminated the ugliest ones and am now wearing them on my hips and the rest we sent for the Doctors to eat while G gave his Tumor Board presentation. While it was thrilling to be awake past 11, I decided we are not missing out on much.  I like going to bed at nursing home hours.  I like G every hour. Especially on Tumor Board eve.

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