Monday, October 31, 2011

Babysitting Bonanza.

When I was a young teenager I do not hesitate to brag that I was the top pick for babysitters on the block.  I took my job very seriously and even had a babysitting bag with all kinds of gadgets and gizmos of plenty to entertain and delight children of all ages.  Babysitting was my livelihood. Thankfully, that season ended and I became a career woman, actively working with a W-2 form and everything.  Now that I am 28, I am finding my career cycle coming full circle as I once again am a babysitter.  I had a weekend o' babysitting, but this time I had my own offspring, and no babysitting bag.
Bradly,and Eli, the homeschool boys from next door....

We enjoyed some quality library time, pizza, Ice Age, and throwing stale Kix off the balcony to squirrels below.
Liv was very understanding about the babysitting influx this week although I think this face best describes how she felt about all the new visitors.  Kira came to sleepover while her parents went to Florida.  She loved Olivia and was convinced that Olivia wanted to play with her hair because it was blond.
When Kira woke up, I thought I was really magnifying my babysitter duties by offering to make waffles.  She promptly responded that she did not LIKE waffles but instead wanted to have lunch for breakfast.  Way easier. Speghetti-O's for breakfast. Perfect.   While it was a good motherhood expansion weekend, I would have to say that hands down my favorite person to babysit would be the girl you see below:

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