Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bill and Ed's excellent home teaching adventure....

I have a new phobia.  I am scared of getting old.  I see 0 benefits and a gizillion downsides to having your bones crack, your teeth fall out like a 1st grader, having white wispy cotton balls for hair, not having a drivers license, going to the bathroom like you're pregnant with triplets multiple times a night, your skin get those brown spots like a potato, and everyone has to yell for you to know what is going on.  Not interested. At all.  I never want to get old.  Now please don't misunderstand.  I love love love (triple love if you didn't catch that) old people.  I am a geriatric fan without a doubt.  I just never want to become old.  I have had plenty of opportunities to contemplate this since the first time I went to our ward I was sure that we had accidentally entered a nursing home.  However, after 4 months I have come to appreciate the white haired wisdom that surrounds us.  Our home teachers are named Bill and Ed (I love one syllable names, except for Gus, I have never liked the name Gus) and we had them over for dinner (see picture above).  Between the two of them we had 138 years eating crock pot chicken.  G's companion is 80.  I have come to love them because when you're that old, you don't do things because they are cool or hip.  You don't do things because you want people to praise you.  You do the right things because you believe they are the right things to do.  There's something remarkable about that.  I have no doubt that when G has Santa hair, a Quasimodo back and takes 17 pills the size of cadbury eggs every morning, that he will still be doing his home teaching too. I love that about him.

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