Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tree Nudity.

Liv and I have our morning routine down. After a leche-licious breakfast for her, some Tony Horton workout followed by some scrambled eggs by me, we have scripture study and open the blinds of the sliding back door to greet the day.  Usually what our eyes behold belongs on a nature calendar.  The kind that would make Ansel Adams look amateur.  We have the most gorgeous brilliant vibrant leaves I have ever seen here.  This morning I pulled back the blinds expecting to see explosions of stop sign red, pumpkin orange and sun yellow filling the trees as usual but to my horror I saw this:

I call it tree porn because all of a sudden overnight the trees are naked.  They have have shed the reason fall makes you glad you are not blind and become hideous gray naked trunks with a thick layer of their former beauty crumpled into leaf crumbs on the ground looking like someone forgot to sweep the forest floor.  I am devastated.

Liv and I had no choice but to move on.  We decided to make the most of fall by making two fallish treats, chunky applesauce and molasses cookies.  We used the molasses cookie recipe from and we are converted. Completely. Supreme quintessential fall cookie delight.  If you want to get your own cookie testimony then try it out for yourselves.  Experiment upon the recipe.

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