Monday, October 10, 2011


I understand that obedience to commandments means ALL the commandments.  It is not called "Chuck-o-commandmarama" for a reason.  However, that does not mean that some commandments are more fun than others.  One of my favorite featured commandments as of late is FHE.  I love it.  Perhaps its is because our time together is like liquid gold.  G works around 15 hours every day lately so our time is very limited.  Monday night is something I love because the rules are that whoever picks the activity can choose whatever they want and the other person has to participate with a willing and cheerful attitude.  I saw this craft for making shrunken heads out of apples and then putting them in cider for Halloween festivities and was anxious for our apple sculpting.  I don't think G will be choosing this activity for his own birthday party or would have ever done it of his own free will and choice but it was a good time indeed followed by apple pie (yes, please take a moment to be impressed with my newly budding homemaker skills...)

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