Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat. Without the trunks.

Some things don't change no matter how far away from Zion you go.  Like the ever classic, never changing ward trunk or treat.  Except there were no trunks because it was sleeting. It wasn't snowing, or raining, or hailing.  It was a combo meal of all three making it feel like there were giant snow cones without flavoring being pelted down from the sky.  So we scratched the trunk since the weather did a trick and just enjoyed the treats.  We took refuge in the church sunday school room (we have a mini size church, no gym) where it was complete madness.  Liv had no idea what was going on and patiently endured her sheep ensemble that we borrowed from Liz and her son Henry who upgraded to a more aggressive lion costume this year. I was drooling because I thought she was so cute. 

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