Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Five Month Birthday Bash!

May 22, 2011 was a historic day.  Five months ago G and I were in delivery room 7 at American Fork hospital with an entire cheering squad at the side of my bed when our lives changed completely at approximately 7:13 am.
Our view outside the hospital window, May 22, 2011
 At 7:12 am I was just a very big pregnant lady that went to the bathroom every hour, tried not to get stretch marks and craved Chinese food with a handsome husband (see photo below if you doubt the big part).

At 7:13 am I became a mother, G and I became parents and unlike a nintendo game, there are no restarts, pauses, start overs or warp tubes. 
Waking out the doors of the hospital for the first time, party of 3....

Liv on day 3 still wondering why the heck she decided to come down here.  Mortality is very perplexing. I would also like to note at this time that her face had not grown into her nose at this point and she is now a much cuter baby. Thank you.
So naturally when I realized we were rapidly approaching the 5 month commemoration of this life altering event, a celebration was in order.  We fired up the grill and had steak as we savored the crisp fall air knowing all to well that soon barbeques, going outside, and warm nights would be as extinct as the brontosaurus.  SO we invited her best friends (G and I) and had my favorite steak dinner.
 Since she has been meeting all her developmental milestones and is rolling over like a 5 month Olympic champion, I decided to honor her 5 month intelligence by making her a brain jello:
We spent the dinner each saying 5 reasons why we love Liv and then we all read her favorite book, "Fuzzy Bee," which she is mesmerized by. It has aproximately 6 words per page. I don't know why I didn't think of making children's books.  How hard can it be?  There's no plot. It's just this dumb bee that is fuzzy (hence the title) and has a friend named Sally spider and a worm made out of felt. Lame. But she eats it up.
Liv got a new box of diapers from Sam's Club.  Those suckers are pricey business so she's lucky.  What more could her 5 month old bum ask for?  Not to mention the sweet dinosaur print on each one. It says they are for both genders but I don't see anything very girly about a t-rex on her abdomen.   Who needs Huggies?  G got some new shirts for work that he has needed and Liv took the song, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to," literally and became so fussy and whiney that we had to put her to bed in the middle of her own party.  Oh well.  Maybe she'll have a little better party etiquette by her 6 month birthday.   In closing I will include a few pics from Liv's life since that is what they do at birthdays.  Just imagine these are all on a large projector while Greeday's, "Time of your Life" plays sentimentally in the background...

So here's a brain jello and toast to the  happiest, poopiest, tiredest, most fulfilling, growing, best 5 months of my whole life.  I love you Liv Seibold.

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