Monday, October 10, 2011

We can't leaf the leaves alone..

There are many things that West Virginia lacks but I have recently found one thing that this state tops the charts. Fall. I have never in the 28 falls I have seen, ever and I repeat (for emphasis) EVER seen such brilliant gorgeous colors in all my none blind life.  It looks like some of the trees are on fire.  We pulled the car over so I could pick some radiant orange beauties.  There are leaves all over our couch because I have never seen more gorgeous leaves.  I am devastated to see summer go.  I love every minute of snow cones, sun burns, sprinklers, warm nights and all the joys of summer but I optically speaking, a West Virginia autumn beats its 3 competing seasons for beauty without any debate.
It was so gorgeous on Saturday that Liv and I decided to go on a little walk and find some elite beauties to add to our growing collection.
One of Liv and my favorite fall activities is to name our favorites.  You would never have a painting without a name so the same goes for nature masterpieces.  We call this particular bunch Christmas Cheer.
You can only click pics of leaves for so long, before they get boring so I started taking some of my favorite fall friend...
After we had been walking for half and hour or so to what to my wondering eyes should appear? But Dr. G coming up the path in front of some deer...

I love fall.

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