Tuesday, May 7, 2013

G's boot camp prep...

Some things are not funny until later. As in fresh is not best but give it a few weeks and it is dang funny. I'm hoping enough time has passed that G's boot camp hair cut can be appreciated.  G works a ridiculous amount of hours and is very tired. When people are tired they sometimes to not communicate as clearly as they would like.  For example, when getting a hair cut.  G in his single ward was nicknamed the "curly haired trophy".  He has always had curling luscious locks. Usually when he gets a haircut, he simply has a little trim and the curls remain.
So when he went to get his haircut last month he told the man (I suppose he is a barber, can there be female barbers?) to do a "1", meaning he wanted him to leave 1 inch. G took off his glasses and didn't think anything of it.  The barber interpreted that to mean use a 1 blade on the razor and when G saw unusually long curly locks on the floor he said, "Stop" a little too late.  The good news is that if he wanted to join the army, he was ready:

We called him Sarge. Em called him Buzz Aldridge. It was definitely a new look.
It's true what they say though, the difference between a good haircut and bad haircut is two weeks.  I liked being married to Sarge but I'm glad the curls are coming back....


  1. You've gotten me shaking with laughter with this one.

  2. Hahaha!! I love your descriptions and wording. So funny!