Thursday, May 9, 2013

Por Que...

After G had a rough day at work he called on his way home.  After I listened to what had happened all day, I said, "Why in the heck are we doing this?"  It seems like so much unnecessary effort, sacrifice, time and tiredness just to make as much as a teenager with acne  working at Little Ceasers selling greasy 5 buck pizza.  I thought about it and realized how most things that are worth have a point where it is not fun or exciting and you feel like there is no point to what you are doing.  Victor Hugo who was a Jewish psychologist and went to a horrible concentration camp and survived, wrote a book after and when asked why he survived said, "He who knows the why can deal with any how."   There is no way I could ever compare or imagine what he endured but it is such a powerful concept to wrap my brain around. When I really know WHY I am doing what I am doing, then I automatically will figure out HOW to make it happen. I think that concept is true for every thing, even little things like mothering, scripture study etc.  Thus, I decided to copy Macaroni Grill and we had a table cloth of purpose to remind G the point of the residency misery.
The dinner was disgusting so it was a good thing we had the writable table cloth to distract. I am not sure how Mr. Potato head made it to the table, just think of him as a table setting.

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